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I woke up today, I took a delicious cup of hot coffee, I  took my computer and I started to think on how could I tell you the history of Easter in a way that is very understandable and easy to catch the idea of it and its symbols.

I`m gonna talk to you about some symbols and what they represent at Easter, so come with me and let`s learn a little bit.


Easter in the Bible (Old Testament) has the idea of commemorates the freedom of Israel from the slavery they lived in Egypt. We read that God used the shedding of the blood of spotless lambs in the Passover to save His people and deliver them from bondage.
In the New Testament also the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus is the lamb of God-Jesus was the Spotless Lamb who would not speak to defend Himself at His trial though He faced a horrific death.


Palm branches which gives us the representation of  Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday and people waved palm branches, welcoming him.


Guys, there is another very famous tradition which is Easter eggs,that are also called Paschal eggs, they are the decorated eggs that are usually used as gifts on the occasion of the Easter or Springtime celebration.
Several ancient non-Christian traditions survived in children’s celebrations of Easter. Easter eggs is one of them, they are colored in bright colors and used in hunts, where the children have to find them indoors or outdoors and also rolling contests where children traditionally roll eggs down hillsides at Easter. Rabbits, a symbol of springtime fertility, are depicted as the “Easter Bunny” in children’s literature.

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We have also another symbol, which is the Easter bunny – The rabbit, or hare, was a symbol of abundant new life in ancient times, and reminds us of spring and new life.

Of course there are many other symbols, and depending of the country or region and religion the symbols and the meaning of them can differ a lot. However here you have the history and the meaning of the two most famous ones.

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