connectors- article

I have one thing to say… It`s time to learn baby!!!

And today we are going to talk about connectors. Have you heard of them before?
Well, they are used to connect information and also in same cases sentences to sentences.

Did you know it?

The first one that I want to talk about is…

As Long As

This connector has some different interpretations depending on the context and sentence, pay attention to some of them!

Context 1heart

A couple talking to each other in a lovely way!

I will love you as long as I live.

In this sentence as long as  in Portuguese has the idea of Enquanto.

Context 2book

As a teacher I have to advice and motivate my students, then generally I say to them in a very friendly way:

As long as you keep studying you will learn more and more!

In this sentence as long as in Portuguese has the idea of SE...

Context 3singing

A friend of mine invites me to go to a concert, but I`m broken (I do not have any money), then I say…

I will go to the concert as long as it is free!!!

In this sentence as long as comes with the idea of Desde que

As soon As

This second connector that I want to talk to you about has the idea that something has to be done and you cannot waste time,  take a look.

As soon as you arrive home, prepare our dinner, please!!!

Reply me, as soon as you get my message, please!

Call me, as soon as possible!

In Portuguese as soon as has the idea of Assim que… e nos da a ideia que não há tempo a perder.

It is very common to abbreviate this connector  and say or write it as- ASAP

As well As

This connector is used to join two sentences and make of it just one, then you can avoid repetition of information in your speech.

Example 1

1-He has got a house.

2- He has got an apartment.

He has got a house as well as an apartment.

Let`s see another example:
Example 2

1- You are studying English

2- Your friends are studying English

You as well as your friends are studying English.

Just to be sure that you understood how it works, let`s see one last example about it:
Example 3

1- She is very kind

2- Her mother is also very kind

She as well as her mother is very kind.

In Portuguese As well as has the idea of Assim como

As far As

This is the last connector I want to highlight for you guys!
In Portuguese you can have some different interpretations depending of the context and also the sentence.

You can get the meaning of Na medida queAté onde eu sei Até eu estou cienteAté onde eu posso ver

1-As far as I know he was not involved in the scandal.

2-As far as I am aware, the company owes him a lot of money.

3-As far as I can see, he is going to be free.


Let`s practice a little bit more singing, huh?!!!

Here for you a very nice song from Justin Bieber- As long as you love me!

Dear lady and boys thank you so much for reading this article, and I hope you have understood it pretty well.

Kisses and see you soon!!!

sissy english lips cover

From now Sissying your English- Abel Brandão






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