What if there is no life out there???

Hello, ladies and boys! I hope everything is ok! 

Every time we are going to study something new and we have to learn something new,
We get in doubt about some aspects and details of what we are studying…
There are a lot of questions to be asked and there are a lot of answer to be found.

Once I was reading about about the Universe and life and I saw myself just wondering about existence

Some people believe that there is life in other planets, some people think we are alone, some people agree that we were created by God, others believe we are always changing, thus we are in an evolutionary process. 

Did you know?how

There are billions of huge stars and there are billions of galaxies in the Universe.
The Milky Way is just one of them…

We live in the Solar System which is in The Milky Way.
There is a Sun and there are nine planets, that is what we know so far…earth-23594_960_720

Our planet is called Earth and there is one moon close to us.
Currently, there are approximately 7,347 billion people living on Earth.

There are fourteen moons around Jupiter and
there are ten moons around Saturn.                                       

Eventually, we have some questions…ufo2

Is there anybody living out there???
Who knows???

Who can tell???

Is there oxygen in the atmospheres of other planets?

Why is there oxygen on Earth?
Why is there no oxygen in space?

Is there any other planet with the same atmosphere as us?
Yes, there are other planets with atmospheres, but they are very thick, hot and acidic.
However there is no way to know for certain if there are other planets like ours, we do know that there are other stars that look like the sun out there…

Every time you want to talk about existence you use:
There is (singular) and There are (plural).

To make questions you have just to change the sentence order and ask:
Is there…?
Are there…?

To form negative statements, you can say…
There is no… or There isn`t…
There are no…. or There aren`t….

Como você pode ver, para falar de existência (Há, de haver e existir) você deve usar There is se for no singular e There are se for no plural.

Se for perguntar algo…
Is there… ?
Are there…?

E para negar você deve dizer… (Não há, não existe, não existem, não tem…)
There is no… or There isn`t…
There are no…. or There aren`t….

That`s it guys! Thank you so much for being here with me once more and I hope to be with you soon!!!

See you soon!

From now on Sissying your English- Abel Brandão!