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Hello my Maniacs on the dance floor, is everything ok?

Keeping the serie of Modals, today I want to write about Could and every single time I talk about this modal, I remember things form my Past, just like…
(Continuando a série sobre Modais, hoje eu quero escrever sobre Could e toda vez que falo sobre esse moda,, eu lembro de coisas do meu passado, tipo..)

When I was 18 I could dance until the dawning and I could play songs with my friends on the street, I could make a lot of different things, but I couldn`t live alone, I couldn`t travel to other countries… Well, I could speaks for hours about my memories, however let`s focus on our subject.

(Quando eu tinha 18 anos eu podia dançar até o dia amanhecer e eu podia tocar música com meus amigos na rua, e podia fazer muitas coisas diferentes, porém não podia morar sozinho e viajar para outros países… Bem, eu podia passar horas falando sobre minhas memorias, mas vamos focar no nosso assunto de hoje)

In our chatlesson today I`m going to talk about COULD.
(No nosso chatlesson de hoje vamos falar de COULD).

Get ready and let`s go!!! (Se preparem e vamos lá!!!)


COULDIs used to express one ability, possibility and probability from the PAST:speaking
É usado para expressar uma habilidade, possibilidade e probabilidade no passado).

I could speak Italian- ability
(Eu podia falar Italiano).
I could watch movies in the afternoon- Possibility
(Eu podia assistir filmes a tarde).
They could  play the piano- probability
(Eles podiam tocar piano)

The same which happens with the other modals, happens to COULD. You do not need to use the preposition TO between Could and the next verb.
(Assim como acontece com os outros Modais, com o Could você não precisa usar a preposição To depois de Could.)

I could do it a hundred times. (Eu poderia fazer isso uma centena de vezes).
She could barely listen to me. (Ela mal podia me ouvir).
We could change the World. (Nós podíamos mudar o mundo).


In the INTERROGATIVE form, you just change the sentence order, using the modal in the beginning of the sentence. COULD is more formal than CAN in a interrogative sentence:
(Na forma interrogativa você também deve mudar a ordem da sentença, e o COULD vem no inicio da frase. COULD quando usado na interrogativa é mais formal que CAN).could wake up

Could I talk to you?
(Eu poderia falar contigo?)
Could you give me your notebook?
(Você poderia me dar seu caderno?)
Could she speak French?
(Ela podia falar Francês?)
Could you tell me how was your life when you were a child?
(Você poderia me contar como foi sua infância?)


In the NEGATIVE you have two ways to answer. Generally in a spoken way you can say COULDN`T, and to be formal you can say COULD NOT:
(Assim como no caso do Can, com o Could, você pode usar a forma abreviada COULDN`T ou a forma mais formal COULD NOT para fazer a forma negativa).could dance

You COULDN`T say that to him.
(Você não podia falar aquilo pra ele).
She COULDN`T kiss me at that time.
(Ela não podia me beijar naquela época).
We COULDN`T dance a lot.
(Nós não podíamos dançar tanto!)

Can you sing a song in English? yeah?
Then, let`s try it.
Here we have a song and in it you can find many times Can and Could being used.
Let`s listen to it and then sing!!!


Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for being here with me once more studying and Learning.
I hope to see you soon again!

gay kiss

From now on Sissying your English- Abel Brandão!


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