Hello, hello my dear futurist friend! How have you been doing?

We have already seen the use of WILL in this grammar section, now it`s time to see the use of GOING TO.
(Nós já vimos o uso de WILL nessa seção de gramática, agora nós iremos ver o uso de GOING TO).

Ladies and gentlemen! Let`s go straight to the point to study and see how it is simple and easy to use it in a sentence.


Well, let`s find out how to use GOING TO grammatically correct speaking in our chatlesson today ,huh?!

GOING TOnotepad-117597_960_720

It is also used to make reference to the future, however it gives the idea that you had time to plan an action.

(Também e usado para se referir ao futuro, porem ele expressa a ideia de que a ação foi ou esta sendo planejada).

 I have made my mind and I am going to pick you up at the airport tomorrow.
(Eu já me decidi e eu vou te pegar no aeroporto amanhã)

I am going to travel to Europe.
(Eu vou viajar para a Europa)


Are you going to travel on May 1st?
(Você irá viajar no dia primeiro de Maio?)

Is she going to buy that dress?
(Ela irá comprar aquele vestido?)

Are they going to play that music I like so much?
(Eles irão tocar aquela música que eu gosto?)

Going to and Question words

What is she going to do next weekend?images
(O que ela irá fazer próximo final de semana?)

Who is he going to travel with?
(Com quem ele irá viajar?)

Where are we going to live?
(Onde nós iremos morar?)

When are they going to move?
(Quando eles vão se mudar?)

Why are you going to leave?
(Por que você está indo embora?)


I am not going to leave.
(Eu não irei sair).

You are not going to make that cake.
You aren`t going to make that cake.
(Você não irá fazer aquele bolo).

He is not going to buy that house
He isn`t going to buy that house.
(Ele não irá comprar aquela casa).


Let`s siiiiiiing and learn a little bit more dudes!!!

Honey thank you so much for being here with me once more, and I hope you have liked it!

I wish you a wonderful day and see you soon!

gay kiss

From now on Sissying your English- Abel Garcia Brandão!


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