Hello, hello my beautiful wonderful friends! How are you?

Today I`m going to talk to you about the third preposition-AT

Just like IN and ON, AT is used to some different situations.


At is used when you want to talk about a position.
A interpretação para At pode ser: a, ao, no, na, perto de.

at the doorThe man is at the door. (O homem está a porta).

at the tableShe is at the table. (Ela está na mesa)

at the bust stopI am at the bust stop. (Eu estou na parada do ônibus).

at the windowShe is at the window. (Ela está na janela).

at homeI am at home. (Eu estou em casa).


When you use AT to say the address, you start saying the number of the place.
(Quando você quer falar um endereço, você deve começar falando o número do local.)

I work at 79 JK Avenue.
(Eu trabalho na Avenida JK número 79).

She lives at 123 João Cabral street.
(Ela mora na rua João Cabral, 123).


At school I like to take history classes.
(Na escola eu gosto de assistir as aulas de história).

At work I don`t have much job to do this week.
(No trabalho eu não tenho muita coisa pra fazer essa semana).

At the age of 30 I hope to be married.
(Com a idade de 30 eu espero já estar casado).


When you want to say where you work, saying the name of the company, you have to use AT.
(Quando for falar o nome da empresa onde trabalha, deve usar a preposição AT).

I work at Sissy English.
(Eu trabalho na Sissy English).

Beth works at Lab25.
(Beth trabalha no Lab25).

Robert works at the Federal University.
(Robert trabalha na Universidade Federal).


I`m going to wake up at 6:00 o`clock.
(Eu vou acordar as 6).

We are going to have lunch at noon.
(Nós vamos almoçar meio dia).

She always sleeps at midnight.
(Ela sempre dorme meia noite).

At night they study Psychology.
(Eles estudam psicologia a noite).

At the moment I`m busy.
(No momento estou ocupado).


At Christmas we celebrate Jesus Christ.
(No Natal nós celebramos Jesus Cristo).

At Easter we eat chocolate eggs.
(Na Pascoa comemos ovos de chocolate).

At carnival people dance a lot.
(No Carnaval as pessoas dançam muito).

Guys thank you so much for being here with me more once and we could study and learn together!

I hope to see you soon!

gay kiss

From now on Sissying your English- Abel Brandão!





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