Hello, hello my dear cute friends! How have you been doing?

In this section We are going to talk about a really nice subject-IN.
Nessa seção iremos conversar sobre a preposição IN.

This preposition is very important, then you better take notes, huh?!



The basic meaning of IN is (inside).
O significado básico de IN é (dentro de):

cat-308738_960_720The Cat is sleeping in the box.
(O gato está dormindo na caixa). (Dentro da caixa)


The flowers are in the vase.
As flores estão no vaso. (Dentro do vaso)

The children are playing in the garden.
(As crianças estão brincando no jardim).

Junior is in the pool.
(Junior está na piscina).

The key was right here in my pocket.
(A chave está exatamente aqui no meu bolso).

You use it to  countries, city and neighborhood.

I live in Brazil.
(Eu moro no Brasil).

I live in São Paulo.
(Eu moro em São Paulo).

I live in Vila Olímpia.
(Eu moro na Vila Olímpia).


summer-679172_960_720In the summer I like to go to the beach and swim a lot!
(No verão eu gosto de ir a praia e nadar muito!)


In the Winter I like to stay at home, drink wine and watch tv!
(No inverno eu gosto de ficar em casa, tomar um bom vinho e assistir tv!)

In the Autumn i like to walk in the park.
(No outono eu gosto de andar no parque).
In the Spring I like to take pictures of flowers in the field.
(Na primavera eu gosto de tirar fotos de flores no campo).



I was born in 1988.
(Eu nasci em 1988).

He got married in 2015.
(Ele se casou em 2015).

He graduated in 2016.
(Ele se graduou em 2016).


I was born in November.
(Eu nasci em Novembro).

He arrived in Europe in February.
(Ele chegou na Europa em Fevereiro).

His birthday is in May.
(O aniversário dele é em Maio).


In five minutes I`ll start the meeting.

In the morning I make my coffee.

In the afternoon I work a lot.

in the evening I watch series.

Guys, thank you so much for being with me once more!

Don`t forget, Keep studying!

See you soon huh!

gay kiss

From now on Sissying your English- Abel Brandão!







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